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Poll: Would You Rather the Houston Texans Win or Lose?


Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
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Finger on the pulse of fanbase corpse

It’s really hard to find anything to cling to as a Houston Texans fan these last few years. 2021 brought the “new beginning” of Nick Caserio and crew. 2022 brought us Dameon Pierce, Jalen Pitre and some other fresh rookie faces. Halfway thru the current season brought the hope of the #1 pick in the 2023 NFL draft.

Last weekend brought a win against the hated Tennessee Titans, which is always a good thing.

Hot on the heals of that big W came the notion that the Texans can actually end this season with the most wins against the rest of the AFC South. That’s right, the Texans, even though they have the worst record in the NFL, can actually beat out the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars and BESFs for most wins against the division.

HOUSTON — The Houston Texans have not had much success this season. They have two wins, and each came against their rivals from the AFC South following Saturday’s 19-14 victory against the Tennessee Titans.

The Texans are 2-1-1 against the AFC South, and Lovie Smith is hoping Houston can finish the year with a winnable record within their division.

“We have a three-game season in our division,” Smith said. “The best we can do this year is to have the best record against division opponents.’ That was our goal and Tennessee was the first one that was up. So based on what all we’ve gone through to be able to finish up against your division.”

In order to do this, the Texans very likely will lose the #1 spot in the 2023 NFL draft, as noted yesterday.

Which brings us to today’s question.

For the final 2 games of the 2022 season:

Would You Rather The Houston Texans Win or Lose?

If they win out, bragging rights abound, but the season ends as another meaningless 4 win campaign that accomplished mostly nothing.

If they lose out, the #1 pick in the draft is Caserio’s to do with as he sees fit, whether that’s to draft Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Bryce Young, or possibly Alabama EDGE Will Anderson Jr., or to trade it for more picks.

How do you want this to go?

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