Pique’s tackle on the club’s galleys with Messi


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The end of the season has arrived for Barça and the Catalan club must now focus on managing their summer and the summer transfer window. With a central question: will the Blaugrana club succeed in bringing Lionel Messi back? It is not the will that is lacking on either side, except that the economic reality complicates things.

Pique does not spare management

Despite the agreement of La Liga for the feasibility plan of Barça, the Blaugrana club must sell and expensive to be able to finance its recruitment and in particular that of Messi. Which inspired a scathing opinion to Gerard Pique. At the microphone of streamer Ibai Llanos, the former Barça defender did not hesitate to sting the Barcelona management, who had not hesitated to point the finger at the large salaries of Pique, Busquets or Alba to justify the difficulties in recruiting. Except that the three players will no longer be there this summer, and the situation has hardly changed…

“I wonder who should leave now. I’m happy to be gone, because I gave Barca space on the salary grid. But it seems that, despite this, there are still financial problems. They said we were responsible (for the situation) with our salaries. Now we are all gone and, nevertheless, they still can’t sign players. »

To sum up

Despite the departures of high-paying players, Barca are still facing financial problems in signing Messi, which has Pique reacting. He criticizes the club’s struggles to resolve the situation, despite efforts to free up wage space.

Pique’s tackle on the club’s galleys with Messi 24hfootnews.

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