Philipp Lahm tackles PSG and Marco Verratti


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Bayern Munich legend Philipp Lahm witnessed the qualification of his former club at the expense of PSG in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Now retired, the now 39-year-old full-back still follows football news and has become a respected consultant in Germany. In an editorial signed in the Die Zeit, the 2014 world champion returned to the meeting between the Bavarians and the Parisians. He took the opportunity to attack the French club, guilty of the same evils for years. “PSG can make you sad. In Munich, we didn’t see anything of the class that this team should have because of its exceptional players. She was just a disappointment. But we weren’t surprised, because PSG’s early elimination from the Champions League happens all the time. This club has a fundamental problem. The team plays in an uninspired way and offers the public piecemeal performances. he begins.

According to him, a player perfectly illustrates the setbacks of PSG: Marco Verratti. The Italian was guilty of the two lost balls at the Allianz Arena which resulted in the German goals. “He’s actually a good footballer, sure of his game and strong in duelsassures Lahm. In the Italian team, European champion (in 2021), he was one of the important elements. In the PSG jersey, on the other hand, he overestimates himself and has not assimilated the role of defensive midfielder who brings stability to his team. He misses the connection with his teammates. In the return match in Munich, he lost the ball before both goals conceded. He then cried foul, as even his teammates saw that everything had gone right. He took far too many risks in dangerous situations. continues the ex-mannschaft captain, who criticizes the Italian for his lack of leadership and progress. “Verratti is a symbol for PSG. Neither the defense, nor the midfield, nor the attack have developed a sense of teamwork and a sense of responsibility for the result. Sergio Ramos, once the epitome of centre-back, is still showing his skills even at an advanced age (36). But he is isolated on the ground. PSG is not a team.

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