Philipp Lahm reveals PSG’s real problem


Former German international Philipp Lahm has questioned the values ​​and management of Paris Saint-Germain in recent years.

Present in the context of an interview granted to Die Belt, partner of L’Équipe, Philipp Lahm made a damning observation on the functioning of Paris Saint-Germain, not without mentioning the elimination of the capital club against Bayern Munich (0-1, 2-0) in the knockout stages of the Champions League in early March. A new failure in European competition, which sheds a little more light on what the French champion is lacking: “cooperation and solidarity”.

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“Football is something else”

“PSG can make you sad. In Munich (0-2), we did not see the class that this team is supposed to have thanks to its exceptional players, first estimated the former captain of the Mannschaft. It was a disappointment. But at the same time, there are no surprises, because the early elimination of PSG from the Champions League is a recurring event.he regretted. We can only pity the many PSG supporters who made the trip to Munich. Their hope of seeing something born before their eyes fades every year. PSG is still as far from what is expected, despite years of investment. », thus added the Munich resident before discussing the reasons for the failure of the Parisian project in more detail.

“This exorbitantly priced team is like a luxury department store, displaying precious pieces that everyone admires, but no one can afford. It gets attention but only works economically,” he points out, adding: “If you spend so much money but the quality isn’t there, that’s not a good sign. (…) Qatar, owner of the club, used Paris, Europe and the players for its security policy and its geopolitical ambitions. (…) But football is something else. Great teams that people identify with grow through process. This can only work through cooperation and solidarity. These are the values ​​of Europe, but not those of PSG. This is why this club remains an unfinished experiment. », concluded the 2014 world champion.

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