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Peter Avalon Talks His Intense “On The Fly” AEW Feud With Brandon Cutler


AEW star Peter Avalon recently joined Fightful for a conversation about all things pro-wrestling, which included the Wingmen member discussing the intense feud he has had with the Elite’s Brandon Cutler, one that lasted for nearly all of 2020 and took place on the company’s Youtube show, Dark. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Talks his long feud with Brandon Cutler on AEW Dark:

“The feud with Cutler was completely just written on the fly because we were just two guys that had nothing to do and we weren’t doing anything. It was just something during the pandemic. Like I said, everything I did up and to that match, the loser thing was completely done on the thing. There was no writing thing for it. It was just done per show, we discussed it, things just kind of happened.”

Explains how the rivalry started:

“In October 2019, I think, is when the show hit TV. So we were only on for a couple of months. The Librarian was doing some TV and then immediately pulled from TV and put onto Dark occasionally. Then with no direction. The Librarian character really never had any direction. So it was just kind of business as usual, I show up to TV and no direction. Then the pandemic started and then most of the Californian guys aren’t on the road and then we just started building this thing between me and Brandon on BTE because were both, as you said, with the losers record and that was both suggested and written by the Bucks. The Bucks, and Brandon and me talking, but mostly them.”

Recalls pitching the feud to Tony Khan:

“So I asked Tony to do that because we were in the Jacksonville hotel. Everyone was downstairs mingling, doing the brothering thing—talking, chatting and doing that. Me and Brandon had this idea, like, ‘Hey, let’s do a press conference.’ So I don’t remember who’s idea it was. I just want to say it was a collective idea of Brandon and I. ‘Let’s do a press conference and make this like it’s a big fight feel despite how silly it is, the two losers,’ and then Tony was there. So I asked him and he said yes. So it was all impromptu, on the spot. We ran into each other and made it work. It’s awesome. I think that’s still Tony’s only thing he did on BTE.”

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