“Perhaps there would not have been OM”: Deschamps lets go of a big confidence


At the head of the France team since 2012, Didier Deschamps had a magnificent playing career before that. In 1993, it was he who lifted the Champions League won by OM. But the story could have been totally different if the coach of the Blues had not taken advantage of the excellent Nantes training.

Before being an accomplished trainer, Didier Deschamps knew the glory on the ground. Captain of Blues during the victory in 1998 and again OM in 1993, The fields is at the origin of the greatest victories of French football as a player. The Bayonnais was extremely grateful to his training club, the FC Nanteswithout which he probably would never have played with OM.

“Perhaps there would not have been OM”

At the microphone of France 3, Didier Deschamps dropped a big confidence. ” Before knowing Juventus, there was Nantes. Maybe if I hadn’t known Nantes, there wouldn’t have been Marseille and then Juventus. I know very well what I owe to this club. I will always be grateful to him for having had very good people in my daily life when I arrived at the training center “said the coach of the Bluesbefore continuing.

“The transition to OM was very important”

Didier Deschamps acknowledges that his arrival at OM was a turning point in his career. This transfer was moreover impossible to refuse economically for the FC Nantes. “ The transition to OM was very important for me. It was a difficult but obligatory choice for FC Nantes economically. “, confided the former player and coach of OM.

“Perhaps there would not have been OM”: Deschamps lets go of a big confidence 24hfootnews.

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