Pat McAfee on What He Thought When He Came Out at WrestleMania 38, WWE Trusting Him, Austin Theory, More


Former NFL punter turned sports media personality and WWE SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee says WrestleMania 38 was a dream come true.

WrestleMania Sunday saw McAfee defeat Pat McAfee in singles action, while WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon watched from ringside in support of Theory. McAfee then wrestled McMahon in an impromptu match, but took a loss. WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin came to make the save and ended up taking out McMahon and Theory with Stone Cold Stunners. Austin then invited McAfee into the ring for a beer bash, which ended with a Stunner to McAfee.

McAfee opened up Monday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show by declaring that he had the time of his life on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

“Last night was a dream come true,” McAfee said. “Last night I had the time of my life. I should’ve been undefeated at WrestleMania, and then I got… you know, set up. I got bamboozled. There’s no way that was a sanctioned match, so I’m still undefeated at WrestleMania.”

McAfee came to the ring with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, to the sound of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” song. McAfee noted that he’s thought about making that entrance millions of times. He thanked WWE for getting the song, and thanked Jack White for letting it happen. McAfee also claimed he had no idea the Cowboys Cheerleaders would be involved with his entrance.

McAfee said he thought, “What am I supposed to do here?,” when he started making his entrance.

“As soon as I walked out there, I looked around like, ‘Holy fuck!’ In my mind, I’ve done my wrestling entrance and come through the curtain in my head, you think about this moment forever but when I’m walking out, I’m like, ‘What the fuck am I supposed to do with my hands?’ I don’t think I thought enough about this,” he said.

McAfee also thanked everyone for their support and for the love they sent him after the show. He praised Theory as someone who is on his way up.

“Austin Theory, he’s a good kid. He’s on his way. I was very fortunate to be in there,” McAfee said. He added, “Shout-out to everybody on the internet that gave me a lot of love, I can’t thank you enough. It was a fucking dream and you guys are the best.”

Regarding the Stunner from Austin, McAfee claimed he had no idea that part of the whole segment was coming. He noted that WWE officials placed a lot of trust on him, and he felt like they were really confident in his ability to figure everything out and make it happen without a heads-up.

There’s no word on if WWE has any other plans for McAfee in the storylines, but we will keep you updated. You can see a few clips from Monday’s show below, along with footage from WrestleMania:

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