Palmeiras, Real Madrid: Endrick is starting to worry


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Many are already waiting for the summer of 2024 to see Endrick land in Europe. Considered the most promising Brazilian player of the moment, the Palmeiras striker has already settled the thorny issue of his future and should start his European adventure on the Madrid side, with Merengues who have outstripped all his suitors and offered themselves a new Brazilian prodigy.

But since his future has been settled, it’s a little more complicated for him on the pitch. Of the six official matches played in 2023 – five in the championship and a Brazilian Super Cup – the future merengue did not score any goals, just as he did not deliver any assists. A big contrast with his good performances before the World Cup. Of course, it is difficult to require a teenager to perform on a regular basis, but questions are beginning to arise around him. Not on his talent, but rather on the consequences of his overexposure.

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Too much pressure?

“I’ve always recognized the talent of this 16-year-old, but I’ve also said he would struggle against experienced defenders, and the vast majority of them have extensive international experience. And that is exactly what is happening. They all watch him, they score closely, they come together, they know how to tackle, they position themselves very well. And of course the pressure increases with his lack of experience, coupled with the expectation that he will do in these games what he did in the Under-17s and Under-20s.”writes for example the former Brazilian international Walter Casagrande in UOL Sports. This weekend, on the other hand, he signed a good performance which reassured a few people in the country.

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“Endrick’s big game can be seen as a relief for Palmeiras fans as the striker was not up to par at the start of the season. Although he didn’t score any goals, he was very participatory in attack and only missed breaking through the net to cap off his performance.”can we read in UOL Sports following his match against Santos on the night of Saturday to Sunday. We just have to wait for this goal which will serve as a trigger!

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