Paige and Alicia Fox Kicked Out of Restaurant For Throwing Drinks, Incident For Total Divas?


– Paige and Alicia Fox were kicked out of Baltimore’s Supano’s Prime Steakhouse, Seafood, and Pasta on Sunday night. Apparently a regular customer began harassing them for photos and video, leading to drinks being thrown between the two sides.

This led to the restaurant staff separating the two sides and ejecting them from the establishment.

TMZ spoke to an employee who worked that night and wrote the following:

“Paige and Alicia squared off against the lady … and all hell then broke loose as drinks flew from both corners … mostly margaritas. Employees jumped in and stopped the fight … the drunk lady and the Divas were all booted from the restaurant.”


There was some speculation that this may have been an incident for Total Divas because we know the E! cameras were filming in Baltimore this week. Bryan Alvarez of noted today he received word that this was a real incident and not an angle for Total Divas as cameras weren’t there. He was told by another source that it was for Total Divas so there are conflicting reports. We’ve reached out to WWE for comment and will keep you updated.

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