Padraig Harrington sees Woods win a Major


Last Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington got a close look at Tiger Woods last week. The Irishman is confident that the Tiger can still roar in the years to come.

The last time Padraig Harrington played a Major weekend alongside Tiger Woods was at Bethpage in the US Open in 2002. That’s over 20 years ago!

However, the Irishman believes that the American is capable of winning a 16th Grand Slam tournament if he manages to be in position at the start of the last nine holes.

An opinion based on what he saw during the two-hour broadcast of The Match.

Woods will celebrate his 47th birthday at the end of the month and has lost count of the operations he has had to undergo for 10 years. He has just withdrawn from the tournament in the Bahamas due to plantar pain in his right foot.

In a press conference on the eve of the Hero World Challenge, Woods declared that “there was not much left in his leg”, speaking of his state of health.

But for Harrington, this is all anecdotal.

Padraig Harrington, statements

“There are two things that make a golfer stand out – their talent and their resilience,” Harrington said Thursday after the storm interrupted the PNC Championship pro-am. In general, there are on the one hand the talented not very resilient and on the other the resilient not very talented. Tiger has had both since his debut, which makes him an exceptional player. »

Yet a week before, Colin Montgomerie, another past glory in European golf, had said in a podcast that he didn’t think Woods could win again.

“Tiger is fabulous but today Tiger doesn’t have to go back to the level he was performing at then. He must come back stronger. The level is improving all the time, and there isn’t one or two guys who can beat it now. There are many. So I don’t think it’s possible,” said the Scotsman, eight-time winner of the European Order of Merit.

According to him, Tiger missed the opportunity to bow out a few months ago in Scotland.

“I don’t see him coming back. I would like that to happen because it would be great for the game. I would like him to win. But I think Tiger should have announced his retirement at St Andrews in The Open in July. »

In total, Woods played all 162 holes this year in competition walking. He finished 48th in the Masters for his comeback just over 13 months after his terrible car accident.

He then retired on the evening of the third round of the PGA Championship in Southern Hills and did not take part in the US Open. In July in The Open, the Tiger did not make the cut at St Andrews and came back up the 18th of the Old Course with tears in their eyes.

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