Otis gets one step closer to turning on Chad Gable


That and all the other videos from Raw this week right here.

We’ve been following along with Otis for weeks now, eagerly awaiting the moment he gets good and fed up with Chad Gable’s abuse and decides to fight back. The creative team at WWE has done a fine job of stretching it out, and they added even more depth to both the story and the character on Monday Night Raw this week.

Sami Zayn met up with Alpha Academy backstage and made yet another plea with them to get away from their oppressor when Otis explained why it is he puts up with so much:

“Well, Sami, at one time I had it all. A different time, I lost it all — my Money in the Bank briefcase, my Peach, my big brother Tucky; lost ‘em all. Chad Gable was there. That’s my family. My sister Maxxine, my brother Tozawa, that’s my family. Without Chad Gable, I’m nothing.”

Zayn tried to reason with him, telling him he went through something similar with The Bloodline. It seemed like maybe it could get through to him.

Still, they went out for their match and, just like before, Gable was there to control Otis. His involvement directly resulted in Otis losing the match, and he continued his assault after the fact. But even though it appeared the big fella might finally be ready to snap, he turned and walked away once again.

We see it within him, though. He’s getting there. And it will be one glorious moment when he finally does.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week right here:

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