OM take their revenge on the transfer window, here are the details of their next transfer


Jules Kutos-Bertin


When I was little, I promised myself that I would have a job in line with football. Very quickly, I realized that my feet would not be enough to take me where I wanted so journalism became obvious.

Failed by Ivan Ilic, who should finally take the direction of Torino while his transfer was completed, OM returned to the charge for Azzedine Ounahi. An agreement between the two clubs would have been reached for nearly 10M€, and only a few details would be missing. Indeed, the Moroccan international should sign for four and a half years with the Olympian club.

Pablo Longoria is not one to give up. Announced close toOM, Ivan Ilic finally decided to join the Torino, a completely unexpected turn of events which pushed the Olympian club to open up new avenues. The president of theOM did better, he revived an old file. As revealed exclusively by, Azzedine Ounahi caught the eye of Marseille leaders for a while. Pablo Longoria will have waited a bit before taking action but he ended up doing it.

Pablo Longoria is a fan of Ounahi

Do I like Ounahi? It’s like you asking me if I love Sofyan Amrabat. Last season he played very well against us in the 0-0 draw at Angers in September 2021 and the first minutes at the Vélodrome, when they quickly led 2-0. He has both athletic and technical abilities, he is more physical than you might think at first glance “, recalled the president of OM in December.

Agreement reached between OM and Angers

After the failure Ivan IlicI’OM would have gone on the offensive Azzedine Ounahi. And according to the information of Foot Mercatoconfirmed by RMC Sports, Angers would have agreed with Marseilles for a transfer of around €10 million. A four and a half year contract would wait Azzedine Ounahi, only a few details would be missing for the transfer to be completed. A nice shot for theOM who has now put aside the Ivan Ilic track.

OM take their revenge on the transfer window, here are the details of their next transfer 24hfootnews.

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