OM sale: Zidane, Saudi Arabia… A crazy scenario is confirmed


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Don’t count on Adil Rami to put an end to rumors about the potential sale of OM. This Tuesday, the former Marseille defender confirmed that the club could move under the Saudi flag quickly. A speech similar to that of Rolland Courbis, who had even imagined a possible return of Zinédine Zidane to his hometown.

L’OM broke records this winter. The Marseille club made the biggest transfer in its history by recruiting Vitinha for €32 million. Significant sums, which make the supporters react on social networks. According to some, this money does not fall from the sky. For several years, there has been talk of a possible arrival of Saudi investors in theOM and a possible departure from Frank McCourt. Nothing surprising forRolland Courbis, former coach of the Marseille club. According to him, it is not unreasonable to imagine theOM move under the Saudi flag. The team could begin a new era and attach the services of currently unaffordable profiles, such as that of Zinedine Zidane.

“I think the Saudis can buy OM quickly”

Not only do I think that the Saudis can buy OM quickly, but also, if we start looking for who could be the ideal coach to lead their project… If we wonder who would be the best person to lead OM , someone who knows the city, who knows this club. A competent person, originally from Marseille? So it’s true, you can think of me. But I promise you, it won’t be me (laughs). But I am thinking of another Marseillais, from the 15th arrondissement, like me. And his name is Zinedine Zidane” had declared Courbis at

Adil Rami releases a similar speech

Former player ofOm, Adil Rami was also questioned about this sensitive issue Marseilles. His answer was clear. ” If OM can be bought by the Saudis? Yeah, I think OM can be redeemed. Yeah I think so” he said during a live Twitch. The sale of theOm, soon a reality?

OM sale: Zidane, Saudi Arabia… A crazy scenario is confirmed 24hfootnews.

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