OM have found Guendouzi’s replacement, the big announcement


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Having become a substitute since the start of the year, Mattéo Guendouzi could well leave OM next summer. It makes sense as Aston Villa would still be interested. Moreover, the Marseille club could even have already got their hands on his successor with Ruslan Malinovskyi.

Author of a very convincing first part of the season, Mattéo Guendouzi is marking time with theOM since the end of the world Cup. So much so that his departure caused a stir this winter since Unai Emery wanted to pick it up AstonVilla. And since then, the French international has even become a substitute, which leaves very little doubt for his future at theOM this summer. Journalist for the Atlas Lions, Hakim Zhouri even thinks that with Ruslan Malinovskyithe Marseille club already holds the successor of Matteo Guendouzi.

Malinovskyi, Guendouzi’s successor?

It’s true that for a few matches it’s been complicated for him. As we have seen, Tudor even takes him out when he is a starter. So it is true that it is a disavowal. But I’m not sure it’s because he’s already gone that he’s less good. But it is precisely because it is less good that we see it less and therefore inevitably it is a correlation link. Afterwards I am convinced that if it persists it is that Guendouzi is destined to leave next summer anyway. Because we have already found his replacement, numerically anyway. But beyond that I’m not convinced that if he’s less good right now it’s because he’s already gone. And precisely that if it continues in this situation, he too will ask to leave no matter what “, he explains for Marseille Football Clubbefore continuing.

“We can no longer rely too much on Guendouzi”

But I think we have already lost him for the rest of the season, we can no longer rely too much on the Guendouzi we had last season or at the start of the season before the World Cup. We have clearly seen that there is no longer this soul of a warrior, of death from starvation which was going to rake, which went to the coal, to the duel. And we see that after Tudor gives him less confidence. It does not put him on the same level as what Sampaoli did last season. Or maybe it’s because the player doesn’t find himself in this pattern of play. He doesn’t find the feelings of pleasure he had in playing under the orders of Tudor and in the way to play Tudor. Anyway I think there is a sort of separation that has taken place between the player and the team. Not the club, the team in the sense that he does not correspond to the team and the team today no longer corresponds to him. And it will be difficult to find these talents for him », adds Hakim Zhouri.

OM have found Guendouzi’s replacement, the big announcement 24hfootnews.

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