OL: Olivier Pantaloni almost fought with Rémy Vercoutre


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Volcanic atmosphere this afternoon during the meeting Ajaccio – OL, where the Lyonnais finally won (0-2). While the Corsicans were trailing 2-0, Ajaccio coach Olivier Pantaloni and Rémy Vercoutre, OL’s goalkeeping coach, wanted to fight it out. The two men exchanged several words, and it was not poetry in verse.

“I will catch you. Laurent (White), tell him that I will catch him at the end of the match.first launched vehemently the Corsican technician, before Rémy Vercoutre replied: “Come now. Immediately, come! ». At the end of the match, the two men were about to come to blows, but the staffs fortunately intervened, while the situation degenerated with the supporters. Alexandre Lacazette received a lighter in the middle of an interview and was unable to answer questions from Canal +.

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OL: Olivier Pantaloni almost fought with Rémy Vercoutre 24hfootnews.

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