OL: Aulas charges Juninho on a transfer window file


Jean-Michel Aulas drives the point home. The president of Olympique Lyonnais addressed a violent charge to his former sports director Juninho, after his strong remarks on the situation of Rayan Cherki.

Juninho, Olympique Lyonnais

Last Friday, on the waves of RMC, Juninho evoked the transfer window of Paris Saint-Germain. The former sports director of Olympique Lyonnais gave a favorable opinion on a possible departure in the capital of Rayan Cherki, a deal between the two formations which will not be concluded this winter despite yet another Parisian offensive. But the frank position of the Brazilian did not please the Rhone club and its president Jean-Michel Aulas. Already very hard on him in an interview with the newspaper The worldthe 73-year-old manager regrets that the ex-midfielder has validated a transfer from the Franco-Algerian.

“We put him back in the saddle”

“That we can say that we made mistakes yes. But the mistakes of the last two years… We are paying for a certain number of mistakes that have been made. But I will not assume them since I had completely given the keys. Even if he doesn’t remember it today, it’s the truth. I know that in the journalistic world, we believe former talented players more than managers, but I’m not rewriting history. I have enough experience to be able to say things eye to eye. Juninho was unquestionably one of our best players but he didn’t do the job in terms of organization and sporting direction. When we know that he had decided once and for all that Rayan would not succeed… Today we put him back in the saddle. He is in a position where he can succeed, Laurent Blanc is doing a fantastic job with him to restore his confidence.welcomed “JMA” in the mixed zone, after the success on Sunday on the lawn of AC Ajaccio (2-0).

OL: Aulas charges Juninho on a transfer window file 24hfootnews.

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