Novak Djokovic: ‘Usually I don’t react but…’


The ghosts of an unresolved physical problem scared Novak Djokovic only in the final part of the first set. After the scare, the Serbian phenomenon got rid of Grigor Dimitrov, obviously regained his position among the sixteen best, but above all he continued his ride towards the Tenth at the Australian Open and the twenty-second Slam pearl of his career. The Serbian phenom, who also disallowed set points, trivially won the biggest points at the moment of greatest moment and then came from behind to clinch a 7-6(7) 6-3 6-2 victory over an opponent they had already beaten. defeated in nine of the previous ten. Djokovic thus reached his fifty-ninth Slam, extended his streak of consecutive Slam wins in Australia (24, behind himself with 25 and Agassi with 26) and reached thirty-seven wins in a row in Australia. He is waiting for you Alex De Minaur. Djokovic sets a decidedly high pace from the start. Aware, perhaps, of the dynamics. With a beautiful backhand volley, he took a 15-40 lead on the same shot. Dimitrov, who plays incredibly linear tennis, can’t find enough weapons to defend himself on the left diagonal and immediately finds himself up against a break. The nine-time tournament champion basically walks to 5-3 highlighting all the limits of ‘Grisha’ before returning to live with the ghosts of the problem in his left thigh. Obviously worried, he considerably slows down his lateral movements and, above all, he also tends to conserve more of his energy during the exchanges. Dimitrov disallows a total of three set points in the ninth game, wins back the break, but presumably always misses in the biggest moments. Instead, on the opposite side, he finds himself with an opponent who knows how and when to play certain points.

Nole Djokovic def. Dimitrov

Novak Djokovic has made his fury with the tennis media clear after they misrepresented him. “In our organisation–ATP or WTA–there has to be a system of timely protection of players, someone who will react, do something about these things. I am an easy target to be the villain. That is how they portray me, for me that is now a normal occurrence–but I will not tolerate injustice,” he said. “Some things I can tolerate, some I cannot–they do not deserve for something like this to just be allowed, to get away with it. Usually I don’t react, even though I could have reacted a thousand times over different things in the past,” he said.

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