Novak Djokovic to hold special press conference in Belgrade tomorrow at 1 pm


Novak Djokovic will hold a special press conference tomorrow in Belgrade at 1 pm local time, per Serbian sports journalist Sasa Ozmo.

During his Australian Open run, Djokovic was accused by some of “faking a hamstring injury.”

After winning the Australian Open, Djokovic admitted he was bothered by some of the stuff that was said and written about him. 

Also, Djokovic suggested that he was planning to publicly disclose the details regarding his hamstring injury.

“He said it exactly – 97 percent? These two weeks I was thinking whether I should publish anything about the injury, and I told myself that I will, I want to. I will go into more detail and publish some photos on social media about everything we went through. I don’t want to sound pathetic; I won the trophy. But two years ago, a similar thing happened, and people are doubting (that injury) even today, they say all kinds of things, make fun of it etc. I feel the need to show and prove certain things. Not so much for those people, but for me – some comments bother me a little. You will get to know everything in a few days time,” Djokovic said after winning the Australian Open.

Djokovic seemingly planning to respond to his doubters and critics

Djokovic suffered a hamstring injury in his first tournament of the season at the Adelaide International. 

Still, Djokovic managed to win Adelaide and compete at the Australian Open. 

But at the start of the Australian Open, it was evident that Djokovic wasn’t moving as well as usual. 

On his off days, Djokovic didn’t practice but did only work with his physio. 

In the second week of the Australian Open, Djokovic looked much better and managed to win a record 10th Australian Open title. 

But throughout the tournament, Djokovic was reading the accusations that were coming his way.

Now, Djokovic is seemingly plan to tell his part of the story.

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