Novak Djokovic details importance of avoiding major injuries throughout his career


Novak Djokovic admits he is lucky to have avoided serious injuries throughout his career but noted that he did a lot of job to minimize the chances of suffering major injuries. Djokovic, who turned 36 in May, has had just one major injury in his career as he underwent elbow surgery in 2018 February. Apart from that injury, Djokovic has only dealt with minor injuries over the course of his career. Now at 36, Djokovic is still a dominant force in the game as he is bidding to win his third Grand Slam of the season at Wimbledon. Of course, Djokovic’s good health is a major reason why he is still able to play at such an incredible level. 

Djokovic on avoiding major injuries throughout his career

“Luckily for me, I’ve had only one significant injury that kept me out of the circuit for almost a year on and off with the surgery of the elbow. Other than that, there were some muscle tears and injuries, but generally I’ve kept healthy, considering the intensity of my career and the amount of matches I’ve played in the last 20 years. Tennis is a sport that is quite complex in this way. It requires a player to have really a great balance, an optimal balance, between all these traits, so to say, physical traits. Then again, we are all different. We all have different body types. I always have worked a lot on my flexibility, since a young age. I was taught this was extremely important because that’s going to give me longevity. Focusing a lot and doing a lot on prevention,” Djokovic explained. 

A long time ago, Djokovic started putting major emphasis on his diet and training. Now, that is paying off massively as Djokovic is looking great and in exceptional shape. Whenever Djokovic is asked about retirement, he always suggests he sees no reason why he would retire now.

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