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Notes: None of Detroit Lions rule proposals accepted


Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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The Detroit Lions ended up tabling most of their 2023 rule proposals for a later debate.

The Detroit Lions were one of the most active teams at this year’s owners meetings when it comes to rule proposals for the 2023 season. As we outlined earlier this month, the Lions submitted four different proposals to be discussed at the meetings. You can read more about the Lions’ specific proposals here, but here is the shortened version of each:

  1. Get a third challenge if you win one of your two first challenges
  2. Expand the challenge system to allow for personal foul penalties
  3. Expand replay official’s ability to consult on called penalties
  4. Allow teams to have access to a third emergency quarterback from the inactive list or practice squad

On Monday night, Lions general manager Brad Holmes revealed that they were tabling two of those proposals—No. 2 and No. 3. They were hoping to push through the third challenge and the third quarterback rules.

Unfortunately, neither of those rule proposals ended up passing.

There is good news, though. It sounds like there is still hope for the emergency quarterback rule. Reports from Arizona’s meeting suggest that rule has also been tabled for the next owners meetings. There seems to be support for the rule change, but some of the details need to be worked out. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero has more:

If you want more information on the rule proposals that were passed, you can view all of them here. Perhaps the most noteworthy one is that quarterbacks, running backs, fullbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, defensive backs, punters, and kickers are now all eligible to wear the number zero.

  • In related news, the Lions PR department dropped this throwback fact: Detroit has only had one No. 0 on their roster before:

  • The Lions have published both Dan Campbell’s and Brad Holmes’ media sessions from the owners meetings. Watch them below:

  • One notable moment from Campbell’s media session: This ambiguous note on Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter:

  • An important note on former Lions wide receiver DJ Chark that may have played into Detroit’s inability to re-sign him:

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