Noam Dar On Wanting To Be Cruiserweight Champion, His Return To ICW & More


WWE 205 Live wrestler Noam Dar was recently interviewed by “SportsBible”. During the interview, he discussed his desire to become WWE Cruiserweight Champion, his return to the UK for ICW, his short term goals and more. Here are the highlights from the interview:

On Returning To The UK For ICW:

I think being able to appear at a home promotion whilst under contract at WWE is a unique opportunity so it’s perfect scenario really. The chance for me to come back and have a nostalgic trip and see everyone and also to see how far ICW has come. To be able to come back and wrestle at the Hydro for a company I once wrestled for in front of like 25 people at May Hills Community Hall is great to see and it’s also great to see how well all the boys are doing.


The promotion has grown to no end and that’s always been the case with ICW, each year it exponentially gets bigger. It shows how mainstream ICW has become, being able to run an arena that size with almost all home grown or domestic talent shows the confidence the company has and the strength of the products. The first few Hydro shows really needed a name like Kurt Angle but now they’re at the stage where they can run an arena like that and get good houses it’s testimony to how well they’re doing.


Absolutely NXT UK is something I’m very passionate and excited about. Just being part of those first shows, the Albert Hall show as well, was very special for me because I’d just come back from six months out injured so I hold that dear to me. It’s a very unique brand, it’s going to have a great following, it’s good to see guys have the chance to work with WWE, talented guys, to develop and showcase within the company.

On Which UK Stars Impress Him:

I’m super impressed with Kenny Williams, I think he’s really stepped up since that opportunity and done well. Wild Boar is a guy, I think is someone who’s so different to anyone else you’d see on a show, and he’s been consistently good for a long time. Then it’s amazing to see Dave Mastiff get opportunities because he’s an O.G of British wrestling and has been at the top level for years and years and he’s been patient and held off and he’s been rewarded for all his hard work now.

On His Short Term Goals:

Short term goals right now is to just consistently enjoy what I’m doing and stay focussed on exactly that, the short term. It’s very easy to get lost in all the opportunities and potential with all that’s going on but I’ve always worked better by looking at what’s in front of me and right now what’s in front of me is trying to get the Cruiserweight championship off Buddy Murphy so that’s what I’m concentrating on right now.

You can check out the full SportsBible interview with Noam Dar by clicking HERE

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