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Nick Aldis Details Lengthy Conversation With Tony Khan, Talks AEW’s Loyal Fanbase


Former two-time NWA world champion Nick Aldis recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. about a wide range of topics, including whether he has had any conversations with AEW President Tony Khan, and how much he respects AEW’s loyal fanbase. That and more from the National Treasure’s interview can be found in the highlights below.

Whether he’s had any conversations with Tony Khan:

We’ve had one conversation, a lengthy one, and I thought that it was a good one, and we’ve had no more communication since then,” Aldis said. “But I felt like I got unwillingly put into this position, of kind of pro-NWA, and anti-everybody else. And that was never the case. Unfortunately, it’s very easy in this industry, with the tribalism that exists … If you’re very invested in the success of your place, it’s very easy for that to be misrepresented as being antagonistic to others.

On AEW’s loyal fanbase:

AEW has got a tremendously loyal, strong fan base, really remarkable considering how long AEW has existed. And they give them what they want. I admire them for that. I’d like to think that I could fit in well and…provide something unique to that audience that would compliment the rest of the guys there, and compliment the style.

How most of his best matches have been against guys who wrestle a completely different style than him:

I think that sometimes, over the years, this image has been painted of me, that I’m this old school throwback guy, that therefore I hate everything modern. And you look at my body of work, the best stuff I’ve done has mostly been with guys who are the complete opposite of me. Whether it was Marty Scurll, Cody Rhodes, who, yes, there are comparisons, but has a totally different approach and style/ Tim Storm, totally different, Trevor Murdoch, totally different. When I worked with Ricky Starks at the NWA, [we] told a great story with him, again, because of the contrast.


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