Nia Jax on Who She’d Like to Fight At Evolution and More


Nia Jax recently did an interview with Kevin Kellam on 101 WKQX Chicago. She addressed a wide range of topics, including who she wants to face at Evolution and whether or not she’d be interested in female tag team titles:

Nia reveals what match she’d like to have at WWE Evolution:

I would love—it’s always been a dream of mine since I came to WWE—to team up with my cousin Tamina [Snuka]. And I thought it’d be nothing but perfect than to team up with my cousin against Beth Phoenix and Natalya. They are so close, and I think it would be a dream of mine to have, but if I can’t team up with Tamina, I wouldn’t mind facing her. I think the world would be shocked at what kind of match that she and I could put on. It’d be a pretty incredible thing.

Nia on Whether She’d Be Interested in WWE Women’s Tag Titles:

I’ve always found myself to be a singles competitor. I think if maybe that’s the option they want to take for women to have a tag division, that would be cool. I know there’s a lot of pairings in the women’s division that wouldn’t mind competing for a women’s tag title. I’m not necessarily one that would want to be in a tag team division, just because I feel like I am more of a singles competitor, but it would be a cool dynamic for the women’s division to have.

Nia on Who Her Favorite Person to Travel With Is:

My favorite person to travel with is Paige. She and I instantly clicked. We have such similar personalities. We love pranking people and singing karaoke. We’d have an amazing time together and I really miss her now that she’s on Smackdown.

On Her Size:

I used to want to lose weight like the other girls. The NXT coaches really helped me get over that by explaining to me that they wanted me to be bigger than the other girls, and that the matches were better that way. It took a while, but I now embrace my size and what it means to my wrestling career.

You can watch the full interview below:

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