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NFL insider says Dak Prescott could get a shorter deal with Dallas Cowboys


NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
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If and when the Dallas Cowboys get a deal done with quarterback Dak Prescott, it appears that it could be shorter in length than originally thought.

We have discussed the Dak Prescott contract situation for literally this entire season, and despite the fact that training camp is now a couple (ish) weeks away, no progress has been made.

Odds are you have chosen how you feel about this. Maybe you think the Cowboys are handling it poorly. Or perhaps your reading of the tea leaves is that they don’t want to pay him. Whatever the case we have all had enough debates on this subject to know that heels are dug in on both sides.

Assuming an extension does happen it stands to reason that it will be while the team is in Oxnard. This is what history tells us at least relative to most cornerstone-type players and the contracts that they have gotten done with the team.

Training camp has generally crossed over with Prescott’s birthday so perhaps the team will use this as a gift of sorts. Dak will turn 31 as the team wraps up their first week of work out in California, a point that many have raised as a concern for a long-term extension.

Even if you believe in Dak as the future of the Cowboys it is fair to point out his shortcomings in the biggest games that he has played for the team. This isn’t to say that he has an exclusively bad record in playoff games or that he is solely to blame for them, but we have to be willing to have the conversation from every possible angle.

Again it is likely that this is all part of the contractual discussions happening with and around Dak. Many have suspected that a deal will ultimately get done and that it will be among the richest ever paid to a player in league history; however, a report surfaced on Tuesday evening about the potential details of a deal and they run a bit counter to previous conversations.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said on Tuesday that he wouldn’t be surprised if Dak’s potential deal is on the shorter side in terms of contract length.

A shorter deal would conceivably appease many as it would allow the Cowboys to get away from Dak sooner rather than later if they deemed his performance to be unsatisfactory. The other side of that coin though partly lies in the embedded tweet in that it would give Dak another opportunity to take a swing at NFL contract money for the quarterback position.

Say hypothetically speaking that Dak ultimately signs to a three-year deal. This would make him south of 35 when time was up to do this whole song and dance once again. Presuming he continues to play at a high level he could cash in another time which would put him among the highest earners in NFL history as far as contract money is concerned. History is literally only full of proof that he is willing to bet on himself so this all lines up in that respect.

Dak is often compared to Kirk Cousins, and while that concept is debatable, the two are very tied together in terms of how willing they are to risk things in the name of making more money. Cousins’ first deal away from the Washington franchise was one of a three-year variety with the Minnesota Vikings worth $84M. What was particularly notable about that deal was its historic precedent in that it was fully guaranteed.

We have yet to see another quarterback touch that sort of value, but no one besides Prescott has found himself in the similar financial tango with his team the way that Cousins did. Perhaps this is something that we are looking at, but anything is obviously possible.

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