Next Guilty Gear DLC Fighter Bedman Announced


Guilty Gear Strive saw its main circuit reach a conclusion over the weekend at the ARC World Tour Grand Finals. The weekend’s action was exciting from an esports perspective but it also saw a big new announcement for Guilty Gear. We’ve gotten the reveal of our next new addition to the Guilty Gear roster, the latest character was unveiled. Bedman DLC will be hitting Guilty Gear Strive very soon.

Recent Guilty Gear patch notes have been a bit thinner on the ground, only really including new features and fixes for the game. It’s still in the thick of development though which quite a bit more DLC still to come. Earlier characters in this batch included the widely popular Bridget. Will Bedman DLC be able to capture the attention of players in the same way?

Bedman Coming to Guilty Gear

Over the same weekend as the competitive finale, we got our confirmation of the next DLC fighter. It’s going to be Bedman! Bedman, or Bedman? as it’s stylized, is the next fighter and he has a unique mechanic that’ll set them apart from the others in the game. Bedman is a person controlling a giant mechanical bed.

In actual function in the game, it looks like Bedman is both a controller character and the giant puppet. You’re essentially controlling both since one wields the other. It’s a fun addition to the cast that will introduce different mechanics with its weirder moveset that’s been shown off. It’s a bit more unconventional than characters like Faust Guilty Gear, but other fighters have plenty of characters which are technically more than one person too.

Bedman isn’t a brand-new character to the Guilty Gear series, but they are a fresh addition to Strive. While not exactly the most iconic, it’s great to see past rosters’ weirder characters getting new life in Strive. Bedman wasn’t the highest tier in the past but in Strive they could get more play.

Bedman DLC Release Date

The Bedman DLC is due to release on April 6. This won’t just be a new character though. The update will also include a brand-new map, Fairy’s Forest Factory. This will give fans new content to play even if they don’t fancy switching from their mains just yet. As we every new character it’ll also be interesting to see how they handle in esports-level games.

The official site for Guilty Gear cites the new character as difficult to play and his moves shown off in the trailer do seem to back that up in terms of complexity. We’re sure once the character actually hits though players will quickly find Bedman combos and key strategies to make them compete with the rest of the roster.

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