Mustafa Ali wins TNA X-Division Championship in main event of No Surrender


Mustafa Ali campaigned on the idea of making the X-Division great again. He had his shot to back up this promise against Chris Sabin for the X-Division Championship at No Surrender (Feb. 23, 2024).

TNA gave Ali the main event spot. This was the first X-Division PPV main event since 2005 when AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Christopher Daniels competed in a classic.

Ali arrived for his TNA debut surrounded by secret service security.

Ali and Sabin started with a lengthy stalemate of athleticism. Ali hit the first big move with a 450 splash onto Sabin’s arm to hyperextend the elbow.

Ali shouted that Sabin is not the champion the people deserve. Sabin fired up. Kicks were exchanged back and forth. Both men were flat on the mat. Sabin dug deep to gain control for a flying DDT.

Sabin locked in a crossface. Ali grabbed the ropes to escape. The fans were vocal in their support for Ali. The TNA veteran lashed out in frustration.

The match progressed with mild shenanigans. Sabin leaped for a flying crossbody outside, but Ali’s security took the impact. The Good Hands entered the scene as supporters of Ali’s campaign. When Sabin lifted Ali for a Cradle Shock, John Skyler and Jason Hotch rushed onto the apron as a distraction. Sabin took the bait to release the move. Ali snuck a roll-up grabbing the tights, but Sabin wasn’t going out like a sucker. He clocked Ali with a massive clothesline. Sabin sensed success on the horizon and executed the Cradle Shock finisher. Ali surprisingly kicked out on the cover.

Sabin upped the ante for an avalanche Cradle Shock, but Ali escaped to counter for a sunset flip powerbomb. Ali wasted no time in closing with a 450 splash to win.

Ali dethroned the ten-time X-Division champion.

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Get full results for No Surrender here. The No Surrender replay is available for viewing through TNA+, YouTube for Ultimate Insiders, and TrillerTV powered by Fite.

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