More Details on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions Interview with The Godfather


The next episode of Broken Skull Sessions with WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and The Godfather will premiere on Peacock and the WWE Network on Sunday, May 30.

As noted, The Godfather recently revealed that the interview was filmed via his Instagram page. WWE officially announced the episode today, revealing that it will air on May 30.

The Godfather noted on Instagram that he and Stone Cold drank a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey during the interview.

“Me and Stone Cold drank a bottle of Jack.Should be a good show. Broken skull podcast,” Godfather wrote.

WWE noted in today’s announcement, “From putting voodoo curses on The Ultimate Warrior to being WWE’s resident party-starter during The Attitude Era, there isn’t much that Charles Wright, the man behind The Godfather, hasn’t done in his illustrious career. Wright famously portrayed several radically different personas throughout multiple eras of WWE, each leaving an unforgettable mark on sports-entertainment history. There was Papa Shango, the haunting witch doctor who terrorized rings in the early 1990s, and Kama the Supreme Fighting Machine, a New Generation bruiser who once dared to melt The Undertaker’s urn and turn it into necklace. Wright also stood alongside The Rock and Faarooq as Kama Mustafa, the hard-hitting muscle of The Nation of Domination, but perhaps none of his alter egos is remembered quite as fondly as The Godfather, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016. A raconteur without rival, The Godfather is sure to enthrall Austin and the WWE Universe with behind-the-scenes stories from his singular career. Don’t miss a second of their no-holds-barred conversation on the next episode of The Broken Skull Sessions, premiering May 30.”

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