Monica Puig to Emma Raducanu: Don’t give attention to ‘toxic social media’


2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics gold medalist Monica Puig is advising Emma Raducanu to not give too much focus and attention to “toxic social media.”

Raducanu, 20, has been in the spotlight ever since she became the first-ever qualifier in tennis history to win a Grand Slam at the 2021 US Open. 

“Don’t focus on social media because we all know that social media is a great tool to boost your brand but it can be toxic especially for a person like Raducanu who has so many people following her and so many people who want to see her succeed and also a lot of people who don’t. You’re not going to have everybody who loves you. You’re going to have those who are not going to like you. She has a great future ahead of her if she is able to settle herself but once she does and she organises herself in the way that works for her, she can end up making great strides and doing some really great things. Now it’s just about that consistency day in, day out and believing that she can do it again,” Puig told Sky Sports

Puig advises Raducanu to be careful on toxic social media

Raducanu has quickly become one of the most marketable tennis players as she is the face of some of the world’s biggest brands such as Dior, Channel, Porsche, etc. 

Off the court, Raducanu is doing extremely well with her sponsorship and endorsement deals.

But on the court, Raducanu hasn’t made any finals since the 2021 US Open. 

Raducanu is often a target of criticism on social media as some blame her sponsorship and endorsement deals for the lack of success since winning the US Open. 

However, those close to Raducanu insist the 20-year-old is primarily focused on tennis. 

Even Raducanu herself recently said that there are a lot of “untrue things” that are written and said about her. 

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