Molly Holly Reveals That An Old-School Wrestler Pitched For Her To Motorboat Trish Stratus In WWE, How Fit Finlay Changed The Game For Women’s Wrestling


WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly recently spoke with Pro Wrestling 4-Life podcast to discuss a variety of subjects, most notably how an old-school wrestler, who Holly did not name, once pitched a very sexual angle between her and Trish Stratus. Holly later adds how Fit Finlay was brought in to replace this particular person, and how he helped change women’s wrestling for the better. Highlights are below.

How an old-school wrestler pitched an idea for her to motorboat Trish Stratus:

Before Fit Finlay became our agent, they had tried out a few other agents, and I’m not going to name names, but there is an old school wrestler, who I love as a person, who got tried out as one of our agents and no lie is like ‘Why don’t we do this spot where you put your face in Trish’s boobs and [motorboat].’ I’m like, ‘What? What are you talking about? Are we rewinding time?’ It was awful.

How Fit Finlay changed the game for WWE women’s wrestling:

I actually told John Laurinaitis, who was Head of Talent Relations, ‘This guy is going to get in trouble for sexual harassment. He does not mean any harm, he’s just thinking like he’s never seen our show before and doesn’t know what we can do. That’s when Fit Finlay was brought in and it was awesome. Fit was like, ‘You can rip her head off and throw her over the top rope!’ He was excited about making it happen and it totally changed what we were allowed to do and how it worked.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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