Molly Holly Recalls Asking Vince McMahon For Her WWE Release


Molly Holly recently spoke with Pro Wrestling 4-Life podcast to discuss a variety of subjects.
During it, she recalled a meeting with Vince McMahon where she asked for her release from the company.

“I didn’t have any conversations with Vince. The only conversation I had with Vince in my entire career was when I asked to be released from my contract early. The only time I’ve ever said more than hello to him, so, the way that I got hired was through Jim Ross. Then, throughout my time there, I would talk with the writers or the head of talent relations, but I didn’t really have any conversations with Vince. So, it was a big deal for me to walk into his office and tell him thank you for everything and that I’d like to fold my chapter of pro wrestling. He shook my hand at The Hall of Fame. He was very nice.”
“What was that exchange like in that room with you and Vince?”
“It was awesome. Vince was great. I first went in and I told him all about how my career has been such a blessing. The fact that I got to wrestle in 15 different countries, like, I would have never seen those places if it wasn’t for him. The fact that I got a good retirement savings because of how he paid me, I wanted to let him know this was an amazing experience and I am so grateful and I feel complete and I would like to be let out of my contract. I don’t want to work anywhere else. I just feel complete. He spent like 10 minutes telling me how important I was to the business, how much he’s appreciated my work ethic, how great of a champion I was. He complimented me for like 10 minutes and said that if I ever wanted to come back, the door was always open. He shook my hand, and that was it.”

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