MJF’s fellow Young Pillars of AEW crash his Re-Mitzvah


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Decked out in a new metallic print suit (he needed something bold as he was wearing a prayer shawl rather than his usual Burberry one), AEW World champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman entered the Mar. 15 Dynamite for his re-Mitzvah.

MJF was celebrating his Revolution submission victory over Bryan Danielson, which he says proves he’s the best wrestler in the world. When he turned 13 he became a man. His 71 minute match with the American Dragon means he’s now the Iron Man.

Unfortunately for the champ, the Hora was just getting going to the strains of “Hava Nagila” when not one, not two, but all three of his fellow Young Pillars of AEW. We’ll give you one guess what Jungle Jack Perry, Sammy Guevara & Darby Allin were after.

All three had a chip on their shoulders about Friedman’s attitude and the company’s treatment of him. Each got some time on the microphone to air their grievances, and state their case for why they should get a shot at MJF’s Triple B (big Burberry Belt).

Perry pointed out that Max hasn’t put in the same work the other three have, instead relying on the same old “hokey bullshit” like the ceremony they crashed.

Guevara got the biggest cheers he’s had in a while talking about grinding on the indies and going all out in AEW to earn his spot.

Allin told a story about dropping out of film school to explain why AEW means so much to him, and why people like MJF whining about their issues with the company pisses him off so much.

Max is never at a loss for words, of course. He pointed out that the other three have been mentored by legends since starting with the company, whereas he never had to be enrolled in “AEW Daddy Day Care”. He also got so meshugganah he took off his sunglasses and hat to accidentally show off how banged up he still is from Revolution.

The segment didn’t give us any clear indication of which, if any, of the Pillars will get the first shot at MJF’s title. It did lead to a brawl after the champ pie-faced Perry, and that ended with Friedman being sent flying into his own Bar Mitzvah cake.

This was fun way to start the show on Dynamite, and remind us that AEW can put together a vibrant main event scene full of “homegrown” talent without using anyone better known for their days in WWE.

Do you think Jungle, Dardy, or Sammy will eventually end MJF’s Reign of Terror? How will Ricky Starks feel about being left out of this?

Let us know below. And get complete results and coverage of everything from tonight’s edition of Dynamite here.

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