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MJF Shares His Mount Rushmore Of Wrestling List


MJF recently weighed in on his Mount Rushmore of wrestling while on KFC Radio. 

He named Triple H, The Rock, Steve Austin and Roddy Piper on the list of the four greatest wrestlers of all-time. He also explained why he left off certain names. Here are the highlights (quotes via 411 Mania). 

The list: 

“Am I allowed to say ‘Me’ four times, or is that inappropriate? So if we’re not saying ‘Me’ four times — Triple H, Roddy Piper… god, see this is where it gets hard. Really hard for me. I’d say Rock, Austin. And I think that’s fair.”

Leaving off other names like Undertaker & Mick Foley: 

“You’re leaving off a lot of names. And I do that — oh, f**k Mick Foley. I’m the most famous Long Island wrestler of all time. Mick Foley, get out of here, dude. Go take a Nestea plunge to bed, dude. I don’t have time for it.”

Hulk Hogan not making the list: “

Hulk Hogan, double H — you know, there’s been some controversy for him. I don’t know if you saw any of it, but I got no comment on Terry Bolea.”

Vince McMahon not making the list:

“Vince McMahon? Recently retired amidst a slew of interesting sentiments from a couple of different women. [He was cutting] big bills, that’s like MJF money. So you know, is his legacy in full tarnished? Maybe. Did he put out some of the best professional wrestling in the history of the business? Absolutely.”

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