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Mike Hilton visits local elementary school


Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
Photo by Jeff Dean/Getty Images

Hilton used an off day to give back.

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Mike Hilton has been on record saying he wants to help pass down the game of football to the next generation. Citing what the game has done for him, he has said he wants to help get the younger generation excited about the game.

With an extra day before the Bengals meet the Jacksonville Jaguars, Hilton used some downtime to do just that when he went to Woodford Academy to talk to a group of first-graders about the game of football.

Hilton is working with a company by the name of “Future Fans,” something that began in the Bengals’ 2021 Super Bowl run and has continued visiting local schools ever since.

“It was exciting seeing the smile on kids’ faces, knowing I have two kids of my own and knowing how much the youth means to me personally; it’s a blessing to give back,” Hilton said, via WLWT’s Ashley Kirklen.

Hilton’s visit isn’t the only one planned, so look out for more Bengals players going to schools in the Cincinnati area to meet young fans and, hopefully, help create new ones.

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