Mickie James Q&A: Being a Locker Room Leader & More


Mickie James did a Q&A with Landon Buford of “The Hype Magazine” a couple of weeks ago when the WWE was touring through Dallas, Texas. Mickie talked about her role as a leader in the locker room, her feelings towards “Evolution” and who she’d like to tag with. Here a some of the exerpts, a full link to the interview is below:

Earlier this year, Bayley talked about your locker room leadership, and that she wanted the opportunity to pick your brain about the evolution of the wrestling business. What does that mean to you, since you are a veteran in the business?

It’s incredible. I think it’s humbling and it’s an incredible honor. I think that it has always been prominent in the male locker room. They have always had the tiers of veteran leadership from the individuals who have been there for 12 years to mentoring the upcoming talent. Now, to have that in the female locker room provides strong leadership to younger female talent who are now just coming up. Hopefully, I can encourage them through our life experiences to not make some of the same mistakes that we’ve made in the past. Both inside and outside of the ring it’s a massive benefit for them because a lot of the time they learn by trial and error. Hopefully, if you have someone who’s already been there, done that, then you could learn from those mistakes or learn from all the successes they have had in the business. You can be so successful if you use those lessons in your own career. So, to answer your question I am incredibly honored, and I love Bayley so much. She is such a good person, super sweet, and she loves wrestling. Like, loves it within her deepest part of her soul. She’s great, always very complimentary and very respectful in the locker room.

It is also rumored that Tag Team Championships will be added to the Women’s Division at Evolution. Since you were a part of the TNA promotion, Tag Team Championships implemented in the women’s division, what are your thoughts about the WWE Women’s division being strengthened?

I hope it is true because I’ve been saying and asking about bringing back the women’s tag team championships. I know I’m not the only one who’s asked about it, but I certainly have been saying we should bring back the women tag team championships. They’ve been retired for so long, it was in the early nineties when they retired Jumping Bob Angels, The Glamour Girls. I don’t know if a lot of people know who these people are but I’m aware because I have been in the business.

Now they are putting three women’s matches on the show, but aside from a personal issue, the only thing that is valuable to grab a hold of is the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships there can only be one person going after those championships at a time, in the reality of things. So, what is it that will give everyone a different way of fighting and getting more camaraderie and storylines? In the same way that they do with the men who have the tag team championships, the Universal Championship. They have a plethora of championships and storylines to be able to go after where the women only have one per show.

I think the tag team championships, even if it’s just one belt that’s then defended on both shows, but you have the Iconics now that are coming up. Think about it like when Layla and Michelle were together it would have been a great storyline when they were with the company. Or Alicia Fox and I can be the veteran team in the division. It would just give everyone, I think, a different catalyst for things too and ideas from different stories. Storylines could also spawn off from those stories. It would also show how diverse the women’s division could be because tag team wrestling is a whole different dynamic. You would be building towards different moments than there are in singles competition.

If you had to pick one tag team partner from the Attitude Era and the current era, who would they be and why?

People would think that I would probably pick Trish or Lita for the Attitude era, but I am going to say Lisa “Victoria” Marie Varon because she wasn’t the lady to mess with.” She is tough as nails. Lisa was, “The Bad Ass” before the term, “Bad Ass” was implemented. As for this era, I would pick my friend Alicia Fox. She’s my road partner, travel partner, and my ride or die.

To read the full interview, Click HERE

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