Mick Foley’s Days as WWE GM Numbered?


During the weekend’s round-up of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Raw general manager Mick Foley would not be holding on to the post for long, and the Big Show talks smack about Shaquille O’Neal’s apparent hesitation about their upcoming WrestleMania 33 head to head.

In the past month, Foley let his Twitter fans know about his upcoming hip surgery, and the possibility that he might be taking a hiatus from his current general manager post. On Facebook, the Raw GM added a few details on his condition — he would not be allowed to travel by air in the one and a half months after his hip surgery — due to the danger of potentially life-threatening blood clots. Foley has no set schedule for his surgery yet, only saying that it will happen “whenever I have a break in my schedule.”

Last January, Foley tweeted the “Ravishing Russian” Lana about the situation of the GM post in the immediate future, saying, “Well @LanaWWE, that #Raw GM job just might be up for grabs soon!”

In the meantime, Foley has become embroiled in what seems to be a conflict with Stephanie McMahon. Fans speculate that this is a way for Mick Foley to have his plausible exit from his role as the general manager for WWE Raw.

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