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Mick Foley Thinks WWE Is Fooling Themselves If They Don’t View AEW As Competition


Mick Foley recently talked about a wide range of topics on his Foley is Pod, available via AdFreeShows.

During it, the WWE Hall Of Famer stated that he believes those in WWE are fooling themselves if they don’t consider AEW as competition.

“When people say ‘are you your WWE loyalist?’ I said, first and foremost, I’m for the boys. And when I say boys, I mean collectively, the men and the women I want what’s best for the talent and ultimately, I do believe that what’s best for the talent is best for the company. So, I love WWE, but I love the fact that there’s a strong competition. If they’re claiming it’s not competition, they’re fooling themselves.”

H/T to RingsideNews for the transcription

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