Mick Foley Talks The Montreal Screwjob, Mankind’s Transition To A Comedic Character and More


Mick Foley recently spoke with “The Cornwall Seeker” about being the GM of Raw, The Montreal Screwjob, Mankind’s Lighter Side and More.

Foley On Mankind’s Transition to a Comedic Character:

Mankind made a transition from a very dark character to a much lighter-hearted character. I enjoyed that lighter-hearted Mankind.

On His View On Being Champion and Headlining PPVs:

I was filling in temporarily for the biggest stars. I never lead the company.

On the Montreal Screwjob:

It was a little bit contentious in the locker room. I guess Mr. McMahon did what he thought he had to do to keep the company alive and we moved on.

On Being The Raw GM:

I enjoyed my time working on Raw with Stephanie McMahon. I needed a hip replaced, and a knee replaced, so I couldn’t do it as long as I would have liked to, but I enjoyed being back there.

Check out the Full Interview Here

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