Mick Foley Explains Why He Stopped Staying With Fans


On a recent episode of FOLEY IS POD, Mick Foley discussed his money-saving routine of staying with fans on the road rather than paying for hotel rooms. 

Foley revealed the incident that led to him no longer staying with fans and it happened as he was the WWE Champion. Here are the highlights: 

Staying with fans to save money on the road:

“Do you know why I stopped? This is a true story. I won’t tell the name of the indie manager, he’s deceased. It wouldn’t be fair to him. He was a good guy, a pretty good manager. He was a magician. So he would use a foreign object and make it disappear; use a cane, boom! It’s gone.”

Group of fans showing up to the house early in the morning:

“It’s cooler and funnier to say staying on the couch instead of a spare bedroom. I usually stayed in a spare bedroom when I stayed with fans. I was WWE Champion, I’m staying at the house. At about eight in the morning, people start coming by the house! And I don’t ever want to talk down about any of my fans, but this was… kind of a ragged group of people, coming by early in the morning.”

Not wanting to look down on any fan:

“I remember thinking to myself, “Hey. You’re the WWE champion. Who the heck are you to look down on anyone because of the way they dress or look. I had to really have that talk with myself. So I went out and I met some people. They didn’t seem that into me, like I thought they would be, given that they come by eight-thirty in the morning to meet the WWE champion.”

Learning the REAL reason people came to that house at eight AM:

“So that night, he calls up to apologize. I say hey, it’s understandable. This is probably the only opportunity they’ll have to meet the champ. He goes, they won’t there to meet you. I draw a blank, right? He said, oh, my girlfriend’s a crack dealer. I went “ahhhhhhh I’m out of there.” And I never stayed with a fan again.”

Becoming a two-star hotel man:

“My girlfriend’s a crack dealer” (laughs). That was when I had a long look in the mirror. I said to myself, you’re Mick f’n Foley, and you will become a two-star (hotel) man. And now? I’m a three-star man.”

Quotes via 411 Mania


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