Michael Hendry withdraws from the 2023 Open after leukemia diagnosis


As a result of the diagnosis of leukemia, Michael Hendry will not be able to participate in the 2023 US Open. On Instagram, Hendry shared a photo of the badge for the 151st Open, and he made it clear that he would not be playing in the tournament.

“Earning these doesn’t come easy and I was so excited to earn qualification to this year’s Open Championship, but alas I will no longer be able to compete this year.”- he wrote.

At the beginning of April, he found out that he is suffering from this very serious disease. The fight ahead will not be easy, but Hendry is prepared to put all his efforts into overcoming this disease and he knows he has to do his best to win.

“On returning home from overseas in early April I was shocked to be diagnosed with leukaemia (blood cancer). The last 6 weeks have seen me in hospital undergoing treatment to try and rid myself of the disease. I have a long battle ahead of me. This is the fight of my life, a fight for my life, but one I am determined to win.”

Michael Hendry on support

Having such a kind of support is something that Hendry never imagined that he would experience and he is especially grateful for this support. Messages of support have been coming in from all over the world, and this only gives him more strength and belief that he can really come out on top in the end.

“Some of you are already aware of my diagnosis and all I can say is thank you. I had no idea so many people cared so much. Your love and support have been truly overwhelming. I’m currently enjoying some time at home to rest and recover in preparation for more chemotherapy. I will beat this and I will be back better than ever!”

His faith and hope are stronger than anything.

“Thanks again for all your love and support. Hopefully my next post will have some positive news with it. But until then any positive vibes you can spare will go a long long way. Cheers Mike.”

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