Michael Cole Originally Thought He’d Only Be At WWE For A Year, Talks Falling In Love With The Product


Longtime WWE commentator Michael Cole recently appeared on the Pat McAfee show to discuss his time with the company, where Cole revealed that he originally thought he was only going to be with WWE for a year, but ended up falling in love with the product. Highlights are below.

Thought he was going to only work for WWE for a year:

So, A. I’ve always been a WWE fan, of course, but more importantly I was working in radio when I did news and I needed to get some TV experience and WWE had an opportunity for me to go and do some TV. I thought when I started this job that I was going to be here for a year or two and that was it. I was going to get TV experience and I was going to go back and I was going to be working at CNN or FOX or wherever.

How he fell in love with the job:

I got here, I fell in love with it and I got a great opportunity in 1999 to become the voice of SmackDown and like they say, the rest is history and I’m going to retire with this company and I just really enjoy it and bringing in guys like Pat gives me the opportunity to stay young and try to stay at least somewhat hip and still enjoy this job.

Check out Cole’s full quotes below. (H/T and transcribed by WrestleZone)


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