Messi – Ronaldo: The “best player of the century” is identified


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To everyone’s surprise, Cristiano Ronaldo left Europe after the World Cup and the announcement of his departure from Manchester United. The fivefold Ballon d’Or took the direction of Saudi Arabia, on the side of Al Nassr, enough to delight the government of the country as explained by an official from the Ministry of Sports, going so far as to forget Lionel Messi.

After his departure from Manchester United in the middle of the World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo quickly rebounded by committing to the Saudi formation ofAl-Nassr. A page has therefore turned for the striker, leaving Europe after having shone on the side of Manchester Unitedof Real Madrid or even the Juventus. In Saudi Arabia, we still savor this arrival, while the country would welcome the Football World Cup in 2030, thus imitating its Qatari neighbor, already very established in football.

Saudi Arabia ignites for “the best player of the century”

You cannot imagine the pride for a country like ours that the best player of the century chose our country “, Says an official of the Saudi Ministry of Sports, questioned by The Parisian. No debate therefore seems permitted with Lionel Messi, the great rival of cristiano Ronaldo since the beginning of his career.

Messi forgotten despite his ties to the country

Nevertheless, Lionel Messi also has close ties with Saudi Arabia. Despite his involvement with the PSGowned by Qatar, the former captain of the heart rate Barcelona was appointed tourism ambassador to Saudi Arabia in May 2022, before a possible freelance in the Gulf country? The hypothesis is possible while the contract of Messi comes to an end at the end of the season, and that his name has circulated on the side ofAl-Hilal these last weeks. But for the time being, the mystery remains whole concerning its future.

Messi – Ronaldo: The “best player of the century” is identified 24hfootnews.

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