Mercedes Mone still doesn’t want to tell her story on leaving WWE


NJPW Global’s Twitter

Much has been said about Mercedes Mone’s decision to leave WWE to go to Japan to fulfill some dreams of hers. As far as her decision to leave the Sasha Banks persona behind, at least for now, that’s about all we know. She had a dream, and it took her across the world.

There’s obviously much more to it than that, but we can’t know what that much more is until she decides to open up about it. She made clear at Planet Comicon Kansas City this weekend (via Wrestling Observer) that she has no intention of doing that:

“First of all, nobody knows the story. You don’t know the story, you’re reading whatever you want to read and believing whatever you want to believe. Nobody knows the story because I haven’t said anything and I’m not going to say anything because that’s just the classy boss that I am, the CEO.”

She’s still being playful about the whole thing too, though, considering she also teased showing up at Monday Night Raw and Dynamite this week. For that matter, she’s open for Forbidden Door in June because she thinks she’s open at that time but “I gotta get that phone call.”

Oh and she listed Zoey Stark, Bayley, and Natalya as wrestlers in WWE she would love to work with again, assuming she ever goes back.

What seems as clear as anything is the wrestling world is wide open to Mone and there’s no telling what the future holds.

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