Mercato: Zidane back, a big confession released in private


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While Zinedine Zidane would not be against the idea of ​​finding Real Madrid, his name still circulating to land at PSG, Carlo Ancelotti could for his part take off. In any case, this is the feeling that reigns in the merengue locker room, where several club players are convinced that their coach will accept a very prestigious position at the end of the season.

Always free since leaving Real Madrid in May 2021, Zinedine Zidane could return to the Spanish capital for a third experience as a coach. The Frenchman has few options on the table for his comeback and wouldn’t look unfavorably on his return to the Santiago Bernabéu side. It must be said that the place could soon become free, Carlo Ancelotti being threatened.

Ancelotti threatened, Zidane in ambush

While the FC Barcelona heading for a new La Liga title, Carl Ancelotti sees its future inscribed in dotted lines. The Italian, passed by the PSG and theAC Milan, should meet with its leaders at the end of the season and can still hope to triumph in the King’s Cup or the Champions League to convince them that he remains the man for the job. However, players would already have a clear idea of ​​his future.

Real Madrid dressing room imagines Ancelotti in Brazil

As explained OK Diariothe locker room Real Madrid think that Carl Ancelotti will pack up at the end of the season. Several players are convinced that the Italian will indeed accept the offer made to him by Brazil to become the new coach of the Selectiona post that has also been associated with Zinedine Zidane, not interested. It remains to be seen if Carl Ancelotti will show itself to be favorable to the idea of ​​training Neymar or Marquinhos in Brazil…

Mercato: Zidane back, a big confession released in private 24hfootnews.

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