Mercato: PSG takes a huge stop… on TikTok


For several years now, PSG has been the victim of the exodus of its greatest talents. But at the same time, the club of the capital also succeeds in recruiting young cracks. This had been the case with Xavi Simons, stolen from FC Barcelona. But it doesn’t work in all cases. PSG have just been rejected by one of OM’s great hopes.

Today, everyone knows the rivalry between PSG andOM. Between the two Ligue 1 rivals, it’s always very hot, however, that hasn’t stopped some from moving from one camp to another. But now, for others, going over to the enemy is simply unthinkable…

” No way “

At 16 years old, Enzo Sternal is today one of the great hopes among the young people of theOm. And for him, there is no question of leaving the Marseille club to join the PSG. Indeed, during a live TikTok, Breast was very clear: Join PSG one day? Never ever ! “.

” I want to apologize “

A few weeks ago, Enzo Sternal had also found itself at the heart of the controversy because of the PSGMore precisely Kylian Mbappe. Indeed, the young player of theOM liked a post from Le Parisien. In the face of controversy, Breast apologized: I am a player of this great club that is OM, a fan from the start and I will give everything for these colors. (…) I would like to apologize for liking an inappropriate post and reiterate my apologies to all the supporters and the club! “.

Mercato: PSG takes a huge stop… on TikTok 24hfootnews.

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