Mercato: OM failed stars, the incredible revelation


President of OM and former director of football, Pablo Longoria is in charge of recruitment within the Marseille club. Thanks to the Spaniard, big shots are made, even if the finances are not necessarily huge. But now, at OM, other stars could have arrived but Longoria obviously vetoed it.

For sure, Pablo Longoria is one of the best recruits in theOM of recent years. Immediately, the Spaniard had an impact on the Marseille club. Thanks to his networks, he was able to find excellent shots on the transfer window, even without a lot of money. From now on, stars arrive at theOM as was the case with Alexis Sanchez.

OM says no to stars

Stars, theOM could have accommodated others. But for Le Figaro, Pablo Longoria revealed that he had already failed big names in football: “ Did I turn down big names because they didn’t fit into my project? But of course…”.

“His place is not at OM”

I don’t have specific examples to give you (he smiles), but if we feel that the player does not have the technical profile or the ability to accept the rules to play for us and that the club is much more important than him, his place is not at OM “, then developed Pablo Longoria.

Mercato: OM failed stars, the incredible revelation 24hfootnews.

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