Mercato Mercato – Real: Benzema, is the hypothesis of a departure credible? The answer


In Spain, some media say in recent days that Real Madrid would begin to have doubts about the choice of Karim Benzema on his future, while he must theoretically extend his contract for one year with the merengue club. Is this hypothesis really credible today? Analysis.

While the Real probably let the title slip by losing Sunday night at the Camp Nou against the FC Barcelona, the question of the future of Karim Benzema, for the moment at the end of the contract next June, begins to arise in the environment of the merengue club, if we are to believe some Spanish media. According Reportthe tricolor striker would have, since his Ballon d’Or, the contractual possibility of staying one more year in Madrid, but within the club, we are starting to fear that he decides not to stay, while he lives a somewhat uncertain sporting period, his overall level appearing to be somewhat disturbed by physical glitches, and that he could soon receive an astronomical offer from Saudi Arabia, like that received by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Benzema demonstrated his strength of character

On analysis, the hypothesis of a departure from Karim Benzema this summer now seems very unlikely. The player has often demonstrated his strength of character and it would be very surprising if his – relative – difficult period with the Real encourages him to give up to leave in June, when he has always been very clear about his well-being in Madrid.

And if it was Real who was considering his departure?

Under these conditions, if the information coming out on the doubts of the real Madrid as to the choice of Benzema on its future prove to be accurate despite everything, which as it stands remains to be demonstrated, another reading seems possible. The hypothesis that it is above all the real Madrid who doubts the possibility of seeing Karim Benzema occupying another season at the top the role of starting center-forward cannot be ruled out. By letting filter the hypothesis of his early departure next June, the merengue club could then seek to arouse the interests of possible buyers among the greats of Europe. Asked about his future recently, Karim Benzema gave him an answer that left open some questions: I don’t know how long I’m going to stay here, but I’m enjoying every day in Madrid “.

Mercato Mercato – Real: Benzema, is the hypothesis of a departure credible? The answer 24hfootnews.

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