Mercato: An OM rookie is a hit


When I was little, I promised myself that I would have a job in line with football. Very quickly, I realized that my feet would not be enough to take me where I wanted so journalism became obvious.

Arrived last summer at OM to replace Boubacar Kamara who left free, Jordan Veretout will have needed a few months to adapt. Since the start of 2023, the French international has been much better, he who is unanimous internally. Alain Boghossian is also seduced by the profile of the Marseille environment.

Last summer theOM did not skimp on the means during the transfer window. Looking for a midfielder to replace Boubacar Kamarafree party to AstonVillaPablo Longoria has completed the transfer of Jordan Veretout. Already tracked in the past, the French international ended up joining theOMfive years after leaving Ligue 1.

Veretout is very popular at OM

Although the beginnings were not easy for Jordan Veretoutthe former player of theAS Roma quickly reversed the trend. His goal againstAS Monaco in November delivered it and since the return of the World Cup, Veretout is one of the best players in theOM. According to information from Provence, the tricolor environment would also be unanimous internally. His irreproachable attitude and good humor make him a popular player. With Valentin Rongier, Jordan Veretout form an unstoppable duo in midfield, so much so that Matteo Guendouziindisputable at the start of the season and last year, has been placed higher up the field.

“Veretout is a fighting man”

In addition to his qualities as a footballer. “ He is regular. When you are dealing with a very consistent player, you are never surprised in the negative, it is a huge asset. Veretout is a fighting man, a soldier at the service of the collective, has experience, quality, he does not do exceptional things but he is reliable for his team. “, recognize Alain Boghossian in remarks relayed by the newspaper Provence. Nice shot for theOM!

Mercato: An OM rookie is a hit 24hfootnews.

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