Mercato: A relative of Zidane sends him to PSG


While he had refused PSG to be able to land on the bench of the France team, Zinédine Zidane saw Didier Deschamps being kept in this position for the long term. From now on, the question of his future as a coach fuels the debates. For Lionel Charbonnier, a longtime friend of Zidane, the coach could finally try the Parisian experience.

Zinedine Zidane can he become the coach of PSG? For Lionel Charbonnier present this Friday in the show Rothen ignites on RMC Sports, The answer is yes. Indeed, the third guardian of France 98 think the story could be very beautiful.

If it’s not Juve, it’s PSG!

Lionel Charbonnier declares: “If it’s not Juventus, it could be PSG. Why not ? It bothers me that when someone is born somewhere, he can’t train elsewhere.. Here, the former goalkeeper refers to the fact that Zidane was born in Marseilles, which would prevent him, according to some, from going to train the PSG.

A challenge that suits Zidane

Lionel Charbonnier continues: “To take a French club to a Champions League title, even if it’s PSG, to dream with your eyes open… Zizou loves it”. To be continued…

Mercato: A relative of Zidane sends him to PSG 24hfootnews.

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