Mbappé: PSG’s Machiavellian plan is revealed live


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The towel is burning between PSG and Kylian Mbappé. The Parisian club believe the player has reached an agreement with Real Madrid. What precipitate his transfer this summer. But as Daniel Riolo points out this Friday, the Parisian club has entered a new phase following this information.

Currently at Cameroon, Kylian Mbappé will quickly plunge back into his Parisian daily life. And his peace of mind could be shaken by his contractual situation at the PSG. Indeed, the capital club ordered him to extend his lease for a season. Otherwise it will be sold this summer. According RMC Sports, THE PSG suspected Mbappe to have reached an agreement with Real Madrid. Information to which reacted Daniel Riolo.

“We are entering into a kind of communication campaign”

An agreement between Mbappé and Real Madrid? We are entering a kind of communication campaign on the part of PSG to push Mbappé. Yesterday was affect. (…) Basically it’s “he said that, look he’s a liar”, so that the supporters are angry with him. I’m not saying that the leaders of PSG are wrong, I’m saying that I don’t see where it can lead them. Either they decide firmly, “listen man, either you extend or you’re going to stay on the bench or in the stands”, I have a lot of trouble with this version, but otherwise I’m afraid that all this attempt at clever communication or more or less skilful, I don’t see where that can lead them” he confided on the set of RMCbefore detailing in more detail the plan of the PSG.

PSG incriminates Mbappé

The second trick of the day is “look at the bad guy, he already has an agreement with Real, so he wants to upset us by playing this year and leaving for free”. Again, I’m not saying they’re wrong, people think I’m defending Mbappé, not at all his behavior is annoying me too, just for a moment, nice words are good, but the concrete, what does it give? What’s going to happen ? ” told Riolo lgoldenAfterFoot.

Mbappé: PSG’s Machiavellian plan is revealed live 24hfootnews.

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