Mbappé: Problem in sight, Deschamps no longer has a choice


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Didier Deschamps will have to make a crucial decision in the coming days. After the retirement of Hugo Lloris, the coach of the France team will have to name his next captain. Two men act as favorites: Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann. But for Pascal Dupraz, former ASSE coach, the choice is obvious.

I’French team is about to begin a new era. After the retirements of several executives such as Hugo Lloris or Raphael Varane, the group appears rejuvenated, but combative after the final of the last Global. The Blues will meet again to face the The Netherlands and the‘Ireland as part of the qualifiers for theEuro 2024. And on this occasion, Didier Deschamps should make some changes. The coach will have to, in particular, elect a new captain, given that Lloris left his armband vacant. ” The new captain of the France team? There are some that I remember. Kylian is one of them. It will go through discussions with them before I make my decision. had entrusted The fields at a press conference.

“Antoine Griezmann, it will stop at some point”

To hear it, the coach has not yet decided. But according to Telefootthis should be between Antoine Griezmann And Kylian Mbappe. While the suspense is at its height, Pascal Dupraz did not hesitate to take a stand. “ I don’t wish him any harm, but Antoine Griezmann, it’s going to stop at some point. I speak for the long term “said the former coach of theASSE at the microphone of Big Mouths of Sport.

Mbappé the lucky one?

According to the technician, Mbappe is the natural candidate to wear the armband. ” How can you say that Kylian Mbappé is not the legitimate boy to be the captain of the France team. Mbappé you can’t help but put him as captain because he’s already the best player in the world. In addition to that, he is charismatic and he is the leader of the generation which is renewed in the France team. He’s here for a long time. He wants to be exemplary” did he blurt out RMC.

Deschamps must avoid discomfort according to Dupraz

For Dupraz, Deschamps must name it to avoid any discomfort. ” What I wouldn’t want is for it to drift completely. I would like him to do good for our football. He does it on the pitch, but he could also do it outside so that our professional football regains its image. I hope that Dider Deschamps will have this brilliant idea to put Kylian Mbappé captain so that he doesn’t grab the cigar. He is a level-headed and intelligent boy, able to express himself properly” he confided. It remains to be seen whether he will be listened to.

Mbappé: Problem in sight, Deschamps no longer has a choice 24hfootnews.

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